If you have not already implemented an ongoing and effective Search Engine Optimisation program, chances are your business is not getting found by the vast majority of your potential clients actively searching for your services.
Find out how your business can benefit from an Organic Search Engine Optimisation program Today!

What Organic SEO Is

Organic SEO is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via "natural" or unpaid (organic) search results, as opposed to paid search results, which are more the realm of search engine marketing (SEM).

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Why You Need SEO

You need to be found in the top organic listings!

  • 75% of people click on organic listings
  • 42% of people click on the No.1 listing
  • We all know Organic is best!
  • 95% of people use Google to search
  • 75% of people click on the unpaid listings

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How You Get SEO

The best, and often most efficient and effective way, of getting a SEO program implemented is by outsourcing to a dedicated team of SEO professionals such as SEARCHWISE, leaving you to concentrate on your business. So contact us today and make sure you get found!

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Welcome to SearchWise - Specialists in Organic SEO

Based in Melbourne, SearchWise has been providing professional organic SEO (search engine optimisation) services to local, Australian and International clients for over 10 years.

We’re dedicated to providing unrivalled services and support to our clients.

We have been achieving fantastic results for our clients by using tried and tested search engine optimisation (seo) techniques, these include:

  • Website Optimisation – also known as On-Page Optimisation, click here for more…
  • External Optimisation – also known as Off-Page Optimisation (includes link building and social media optimisation), click here for more…

We ensure that:

  • Our clients’ websites achieve 1st page rankings on Google and other search engines for their most profitable and applicable industry search terms.
  • Our clients’ websites continue to improve or maintain those rankings.
  • We keep our clients informed about latest strategies and options for their best on-going results.
  • We are easy to contact and communicate with.

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Case Study

Metal Spinners Melbourne

Company: | Whitehorse Industries Pty Ltd.
Website: | http://www.metalspinnersaust.com.au
Industry: | Metal fabrication and spinning Melbourne and Australia
Target Market: | Government, industry, business and public
Keywords: | metal spinners Melbourne, metal spinning Melbourne, metal fabrication Melbourne

About Whitehorse Industries
Whitehorse Industries, situated in Lilydale, Melbourne, is a team of Master Metal Spinners that have serviced the metal spinning industry since 1947.

Whitehorse Industries operates from a massive 15,000 sq ft factory, and has a staff of 15. They can research and design products, prototypes, one-off samples and follow-on jobs, and cater for large production runs with their six CNC spinning machines and aligned CNC machining facility.

The Problem
We initially approached Geoff Tobias and the team at Whitehorse Industries (WHI) in 2008 and met with them to discuss the problem of their website not appearing on the 1st page of Google and other major Search Engines for relevant search terms – their website was just nowhere to be found.

The main problem was that their existing website was out-dated technology, and was not ‘open’ to the Search Engines search programs, so when people searched for WHI using relevant search terms, such as ‘metal spinning Melbourne’, Search Engines, such as Google, were not able to locate the WHI website and make it available to the online user.

Another problem was that Geoff was not actually sure what the best search terms would be for their website – they had no way of knowing what search terms and keywords people would use when trying to source companies in their industry online.

Geoff is fully aware of the fact that search engines is where new and existing customers are actively looking for the products and services that he offers.

The Solution
Our recommendations and proposal for the development of a new, latest-technologies website and the application of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to the new website by SearchWise were well received and we welcomed Geoff and the team at WHI on-board.

The website development work was carried out by a trusted team of professionals and SearchWise carried out the organic SEO work required to get Geoff’s website appearing on the 1st page of Google and other search engines for the best and ‘most profitable’ search terms for WHI.

The Results
All major targets have been achieved and the results have been very exciting to date with the WHI website appearing on the 1st page of Google and other major search engines for their top search terms and keywords.

SearchWise continues to monitor, maintain and adjust the WHI website’s SEO as required, and Geoff is able to track his website’s progress through our monthly reporting system.

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Quick Questions

How long does it take to see results?
Your website should start being found on Google within a few weeks of the initial setup of your organic SEO program?

What impact will on-page SEO have on my website?
In most cases there will be very little change to the aesthetics of your website. In some cases, some content and aesthetic changes are required.

Who makes the changes to my website?
Back-end SEO is applied to your website by us. Any aesthetic and content changes that are required can be made by us or your chosen website development company.

Why do I need ongoing SEO services?
Search Engines change the way they work all the time which often impacts on your search rankings. Likewise, your competitors also implement their SEO strategies meaning monitoring and adjusting to changes requires considerable time and effort.

Can SearchWise take over the SEO work done by another SEO company?
If the other SEO company has used legitimate methods of SEO implementation SearchWise should be able to review and enhance your existing SEO.

Why Go Organic?
We all know organic is good for you!

Organic Search Engine listings are 3 times more likely to be clicked on than PPC (sponsored) listings in Google.
Organic SEO MelbourneSource: | seobook.com

Which keyword set are you targeting?
Browse, Compare, Buy!

Browse: these are general keywords for finding information and for browsing only.

Compare: these are more specific keywords used by people who know what they want and are ready to buy

Buy: these are very specific keywords used by people looking for the best offer & ready to buy.

Compare keywords are the most effective keywords to target with SEO.