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“SearchWise optimised my new website targeting the Ringwood area of Melbourne for my range of beauty services – seeing my website all over the 1st page of Google for lots of keywords was so exciting, and I’ve had new clients contact me that didn’t even know I was in their area!” by: Jo McKenzie, Envisage Beauty


We believe your online representation should be the highest performing part of your sales team, generating prospects, qualified leads and sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing your business with continued online success.

A well developed, well optimised and well marketed website that has high quality, up-to-date content, impact through aesthetic design, relevant functionality, is easy to use and has high accessibility via search engines is essential for establishing a successful online presence.

SearchWise is an experienced organic SEO Company with over 10 years of experience in driving traffic to client websites and delivering online solutions that convert that traffic into sales.

SearchWise has achieved fantastic success for ALL of our clients in the past and continues to develop and implement Search Engine Optimisation strategies that give our clients an edge over their competition.

The SearchWise team believes that communication is fundamental to the success of our client's SEO goals and undertakes on-going communication with our clients to keep them informed and to obtain client feedback - we're available to our clients at all times.

Results Driven
We're results driven! We thrive on the success we achieve for our clients and accept nothing less from ourselves.

Contact us today to find out how our SEO Company can help your online business soar!

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Link Building - Building Blocks of Your Online Presence
Link building is an essential and a widely used activity in search engine optimization (SEO).
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SEM DIY - Do You Have What It Takes?
Let's discuss what you would need to know attempting your own search engine marketing:
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The Small Business Administration Engages Social Media
Social media and networking are very popular tools amongst the business sector, specifically B2C.
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Search terms are getting more specific
New information shows that the terms entered into the Google search box are getting longer and more specific.
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Google Dominates Search
Google currently overwhelmingly dominates search engine usage worldwide at the moment with just over 90% marketshare.
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SEO ignored by marketers
Marketers are failing to use search optimisation (SEO), according to new research
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Organic SEO and Website Design
When you commission a designer to build you a new website, it's really up to you to make sure they design your new website with SEO in mind.
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SMEs Ignoring SEO Because Of A Lack Of Understanding
As many as 25% of marketers know little or nothing about SEO whilst few say SEO is an important part of their marketing strategy and a whopping 28% of SMEs are not using relevant keywords on their website.
Source: | Sourcewire