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"I've advertised in the local newspaper & yellow pages for years here in Bendigo but it's definitely my website being found in Google that I've gotten the most new business from. I highly recommend SearchWise if you're trying to get your website found in Google." by: Stephen Storer, Bendigo Tennis Academy


Client Case Studies
Listed below are a few client case studies to provide you with an example of how we have helped our clients achieve their SEO goals.

SearchWise SEO Companies clients

Knox Orthopaedic Clinc
Scope of Project: | Organic SEO implementation on existing website.
Website: |,,
Industry: | Orthopaedic, Medical.
Target Market: | Australia and Melbourne Public
Keywords: | Orthopaedic Surgeons Melbourne, hip replacement Melbourne, knee replacement Melbourne

About Knox Orthopaedic Clinic
Knox Orthopaedic Clinic is comprised of 3 practitioners: Orthopaedic Surgeons Mr Tony Dunin and Mr Craig Donohue, and Hand Therapist Diana Francis. Tony Dunin is highly experienced in the management of orthopaedic pelvic and hip replacement and hip problems, as well as knee replacement and resurfacing surgical procedures. Craig Donohue is highly experienced in the management of Orthopaedic hip, knee and shoulder problems. He treats arthritis, sports injury and trauma.

The Problem
Tony and Craig were both highly aware of the fact that people do a lot of research online when it comes to their health and sourcing qualified practitioners, and unfortunately they were not getting in front of these potential new patients.

They needed keyword analysis and SEO processes to be carried out so that their 3 websites,, and, could reach their target audiences and secure some of the many opportunities that come from being easily found by the 95% of Australians using Google.

The Solution
We met with the team at Knox Orthopaedic Clinic and discussed some exciting strategies and a SearchWise SEO program was proposed and implemented.

Having 3 industry-related websites presented a fantastic opportunity for cross-linking and our keyword analysis processes helped us define for Tony and Craig what the most profitable search terms are, particularly in terms of getting their websites in front of people at the ‘compare’ phase of their internet usage...

There are 3 phases of internet usage; Browse, Compare and Buy:

these are general keywords for finding information and for browsing only.
Compare: these are more specific keywords used by people who know what they want and are ready to buy
Buy: these are very specific keywords used by people looking for the best offer & ready to buy.

'Compare' keywords are the most effective keywords to target with SEO.

The Results
Each of the 3 websites have achieved and maintained 1st page rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo for a wide variety of relevant search terms.

The Knox Orthopaedic Clinic receives regular enquiries and contact generated via the websites, and they’ve had a tenfold increase in traffic.

SearchWise continues to monitor, maintain and adjust the SEO for Tony and Craig’s 3 websites to ensure these great results continue.

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