why organic seo?

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What Is Organic SEO?

There are essentially 2 types of listing that you can get on the major commercial search engines, PAID and UNPAID listings.

Paid listings are where you pay (or bid) the search engine for your website link to be listed as high as possible in the most prominent position on the search return page as is the case with Pay Per Click programs such as Google AdWords. The more you pay, the higher your website link will display.

Unpaid listings are commonly known as organic listings and achieving a high or prominent position within the organic (unpaid) search returns of the major search engines comes down to the professional and effective implementation of search engine optimisation, hence organic SEO.

Why You Need It

It is a well known fact that the majority of searchers (as much as 75%) visit the organic listings of search returns, whereas only a quarter of searchers actually use the sponsored (or paid) listings when searching via the major search engines.

When you consider that:
95% of online users use Google to search, and of that 95%,
75% click on the Organic (Unpaid) listings, and that
42% of those 75% click on the No. 1 listing,
11% click on the No. 2 listing...etc.

Having as high an organic listing position on Google as you possibly can will give you the best possible oppourtunity to get in front of most of your target audience when they are actively seeking out your services and/or products.

Organic Search (unpaid) Vs Pay Per Click - PPC (paid)

Based on the statistics (above), it is easy to see that organic search gives more clicks than PPC, however, just increasing number of click doesn't mean a greater conversion.

In fact, surveys indicate that conversion rates between Organic search clicks and PPC clicks are roughly similar. In other words… what would you prefer: a percentage of the 75% of Organic / unpaid click throughs, or a percentage of the 25% of the PPC / paid click throughs?

How to Get It

Achieving a high organic search engine ranking requires the implementation of a set of processes which are collectively known as Organic SEO. A brief outline of some of the processes of organic SEO are provided for you here in order to give you a clearer understanding of what is required in order to implement an effective organic Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

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Quick Questions

How long does it take to see results?
Your website should start being found on Google within a few weeks of the initial setup of your organic SEO program?

What impact will on-page SEO have on my website?
In most cases there will be very little change to the aesthetics of your website. In some cases, some content and aesthetic changes are required.

Who makes the changes to my website?
Back-end SEO is applied to your website by us. Any aesthetic and content changes that are required can be made by us or your chosen website development company.

Why do I need ongoing SEO services?
Search Engines change the way they work all the time which often impacts on your search rankings. Likewise, your competitors also implement their SEO strategies meaning monitoring and adjusting to changes requires considerable time and effort.

Can SearchWise take over the SEO work done by another SEO company?
If the other SEO company has used legitimate methods of SEO implementation SearchWise should be able to review and enhance your existing SEO.

Why Go Organic?
We all know organic is good for you!

Organic Search Engine listings are 3 times more likely to be clicked on than PPC (sponsored) listings in Google.
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